Magic of molten glass! 

Join one of our glass blowing courses. Opportunities exist for all ages
and no experience is necessary. You will experience a fun and suitable challenging day with us. Each participant produces an unique piece of glass by glass master's guidance and you will get a nice decoration item for yourself or gift to hand to your friend.

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During our glass blowing courses attendees will work with molten glass and learn the basic skills of glass blowing. First you get a short introduction of safety and introduction to the equipment, tools and methods of working in the hot glass studio.

Basic courses (like ’start’, ’quick’, ’half a day’, ’full day’ etc.) are all suitable for anyone interest in to glassblowing. No earlier experience working with molten glass is needed. Main focus is to learn some basics techniques to shape a piece of glass, blowing, spinning, rolling and using pincers with glass master’s support and help.

More advanced courses (‘level 2’) are for the ones who has attended earlier for one of the basic courses. Attendee will work more independently to widening skills with molten glass.

Reservation and confirmation of your course attendance:
Look at our course options and once you have decided which course you would like to attend, contact us by e-mail ( or by phone +358 45 139 0020 to check the date and availability to order the course.

Your booking will be confirmed after you have agreed the date and paid the course (click the wanted course on the options) or pay at least the booking fee. We will send you a written confirmation (by e-mail, SMS etc.). Prepaid booking fee will be deducted from the total course price.

Be prepared to work in the hot circumstances. We recommend you to use comfortable easy clothing (preferable natural fibers) and layers are encouraged. Working in front of the furnace is quite hot but when you are waiting for your turn to act it might be a bit chill. Use shoes which completely cover your feet (no open toed shoes).

Course includes brakes according to need and length of the course. There are several restaurants and cafes nearby where you can enjoy lunch or coffee during the break (possible only in longer lasting courses). If wanted you can also bring some easy snack with you. Soft drink and ice cream for sale at the studio (ice cream only in summer time). We offer hotel, dinner and other services included in our course packages.

Participants are not insured by the organizer. Please check your personal insurance coverage. Glass making is not dangerous in any way and no serious damages have ever happened. We will do our best that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Shipping and storing:
The glass items produced during the course are available for pickup earliest on the next day or latest within one month after the course. Items needs to cooling down slowly, called annealing, otherwise the glass can crack or in the worst case even break. In addition possible polishing and engraving need to be done before the product is ready for pick up or sending.

The products can be picked up from the glass studio in Fiskars or alternatively from Nummela. Pickup time needs to be agreed in advance latest 24 hours before planned pick up. If wanted the products can be delivered by post, the delivery cost will be charged from the receiver.

We store the items produced in the course maximum three (3) months. After that we do not ensure the products are available anymore. All un picked items and other excess glass goes to a recycling glass process.

Cancellation/rescheduling the course:
If there will be a no-show for a booked course or the attendance is cancelled less than 48 hours before the course starts the booking fee (50 Eur) will not be refunded. In case whole course fee has been paid in advance, it will be refunded without booking fee. All cancellation needs to be done in written. 

If there is a need to change the date for your booked course, please contact us as soon as possible, however latest 48 hours before your course should start. We are very flexible and would help you to find another day to make your course. Participation can be postponed up to one year (from the date you have paid the booking fee).

Bianco Blu Oy reserves the right to change its course schedule and content when needed.