• Glass blowing demonstrations (for groups) scheduled and free
  • Glass blowing courses and workshops (several options)
  • Glass blowing experience/team building events (make your own piece of glass like in birthday party, girls'/guys' night out, family reunions etc. several options to choose what kind of product to blow)
  • Custom orders (by your model/drawing)
  • Memorial glass piece of your pet's ash remains
  • Accommodation and catering arrangements (included in the course package we offer - several options)
  • Engraving on glass (possible for other materials as well)
  • Repairs and grinding of old glassware (send a picture of the damage and we will give a repair cost estimate)
  • Manufacture of repair parts for old glassware (chandeliers, lamps, etc.)
  • B2B product design and implementation
  • Subcontracting

I will be happy to give you more information +358 45 139 0020