EAZY - open full day course

  • lasting appr. 6 hours (for a full group), attendees minimum 4 - maximum 8 persons
  • scheduled normally from 10 am to 4 pm
  • each attendee produces 5 SMALL objects

This course is exactly like FULL DAY COURSE 1 but all the items are SMALLER ones.

All our courses are intended for the beginners, you do not need any earlier experience of glass blowing. Main focus is to learn some basic techniques to shape molten glass by blowing, spinning, rolling and using pincers with teacher's support and help.

NOTE! Reservation needs to be done ALWAYS in advance by e-mail or phone +358 45 139 0020. Once the date is agreed and either the whole course or at least the booking fee paid you'll get confirmation of your attendance. Online booking is not possible.
Please review general instruction and find the course calendar.


Price: 130.00 €